To the River and Back Again...

Pssssst guys.

Bother my muses here.

Can’t follow back because it’s a sideblog, but I’m so proud of the blog itself right now. ouo

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Correction: Three requests now~

Reference link for Valerius, please! ^^

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Two requests to go!

Wyatt and Talia.

Any other requests before I lose my drawing muse?

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Liese Requested by sacrificium-flore.

I put too much effort into this one. ouo;;

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Lucina and Elysia Requested by floremipsum.

Because of that one tim on Skype when we were taking about our muses dancing with Ruki’s muses. ouo;;

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Mimi Requested by noxtenshi.

I used references from the closet, but I’m too lazy to link them. ouo;;

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Any further requests will be taken into account later on! I won’t have internet at my uncle’s house, so either they’ll have to wait until I get back, or I’ll have to disregard them if I’m no longer in the mood to draw.

Bye, guys!

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Request List

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Um… Hello, would you like a request…? You seem to be liking all of my posts about it, soo… 8D;;

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leogladium replied to your post:Requests?
((If its ok with you, could you please draw Wyatt? He basically looks like Haruka from Kagepro/Kagerou Days owo thank you))


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sacrificium-flore replied to your post:Requests?
Can you draw Liese? ovo

Sure. 8D

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noxtenshi replied to your post:Requests?
If you want, you can draw my muse dear ;-; and we definitely need to rp sometime yes
floremipsum replied to your post:Requests?
Draw Elysia, please. Draw my pink-haired babe…with Lucina? YEAH. QWQ//

References, please! ouo)/

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I know it’s late where you guy are, probably, but it’s only like two in the afternoon here. Um… None of the drawing asks in my inbox seem very appealing right now, and some of them I’ve forgotten what the prompts were, so I’m opening requests before I leave for my uncle’s ninth day, since I’ll have nothing to do while I’m there and Ill probably be drawing the whole time anyway.

I’m opening five slots for those who are awake, and for once, more than one drawing per person is permitted, fanarts are okay, an you don’t have to have interacted with me or my muse to get one. You just need to be following me.

If I get more than five, well… I’ll probably still accept them.

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::HeartBreak - On the Edge

"Maybe it’s better to ғ ᴏ ʀ ɢ ᴇ ᴛ
than to live on and
R E G R E T …”

This was a birthday present for one of my FB RP friends. The guy on the left is Clyde’s alter-ego, Henry, and the guy on the right is her character’s alter-ego, Nathanial.

We ship them far across the oceans. =A=

But as the relationship tag implies, only heartbreak ensues from this ship. OTL

Nathanial is wearing Clyde’s old clothes sjkhfliuehlfiubheldsjbflu

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To the River and Back Again...

I’ve finished most of the stuff on this blog now. 8D All that’s left, really, are the pictures and profiles, but I’m pretty happy with it now. URL change from ttraba to drowning-in-the-river because ttraba is weird and short, ahah.

Also, this is a side blog so I can’t follow back.

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